Dogsledding in the Region of Mont Tremblant

Our activities are designed to for people wishing to discover this sport. You do not need to have experience. You will receive a short course on how to drive the sled. The driver stands on the runners(skis) at the back, and the passenger is sitting in front of him in the sled. If no adult in your group wants to drive, you must mention it when booking.dogsledding tremblant

Dogsledding is a sport so drivers need to expect a moderate work out (some pushing and occasional walking or jogging).

Dogs love to run and you will see their enthusiasm when your guide chooses the dogs for the teams. It becomes clear that their barking is basically saying “pick me”. In general, you will have a team of 5 to 8 dogs, depending on trail conditions. Every dog ??and every position on the team has a different role. Usually, the stronger are the closer to the sled and the faster and in front.

The dogs are harnessed in pairs to a single line. The two head dogs usually know the basic commands ”Gee” to go right and ”Haw” to go Left. But it is the first sled driven by the guide that leads the way and all the others follow. You will not have to worry about taking the right trail!

The sled dogs you will meet live outside permanently. They are often born outside, even in winter. They have a winter coat and can have a very different look during summer because they change their fur. They all have a dog house to protect them from the cold and wind, but often they prefer to lie in a ball in the snow. You might even see the round holes they create next to their cabin by compacting the snow with their weight.