General Information on Our Excursions

On this page you will find a link to our information page What to wear, a link to our industry Operating standards and Code of ethics, and, directly on this page, the Frequently Asked Questions for our dogsledding activities.


1. When should we reserve?

This is a very popular activity. Reservations for weekends, Christmas vacations, and anytime from mid-february to the last week of March should be made 1 or 2 weeks in advance. For any other time, reservations should be made a few days in advance.

2. How many people can go on one sled?

We usually configure 2 adults per sled (one driver, one passenger) Children under 90lbs go with the guides for safety reasons. Configuration also depends on the weather and snow conditions. Depending on the excursion we can sometimes arrange 2 adults and 1 child on one sled.

3. Is it hard on the dogs?

These dogs are working dogs who are bred to pull and run in a cold environment. They are trained and fed properly to be able to do it well. They like pulling a sled as much as a retriever likes fetching a stick. This will become obvious just before the ride starts. Feel free to ask your guide anything you want about sled dog. Learning about the dogs is an interesting part of the experience.

4. Do we drive our own sled?

Yes, each participant over 90lbs will have a chance to drive the sled. The reason for the weight restriction is to be able to apply enough pressure when needed on the brake to stop the dogs from moving forward. Guest who sign up as passengers will not be required to drive.

5. Is it hard?

This activity can be strenuous for drivers. As a driver you are part of the team, so when the climbs are steep the driver will to get off and walk, jog or even help push the sled.