5 minutes from
Tremblant Ski Resort
Lots of interaction
with the dogs
Fun & friendly sledding
with local experts

Embrace Winter

Canadian culture like you’ve never experienced before

Here at Tremblant Dogsledding, our passion is winter! What better way to enjoy a picturesque snowy day than with the truly unique experience of a dogsledding tour. Our Dogsledding Diable Adventure(opens in a new tab) is a family-friendly adventure and available for all ages and abilities! Our friendly family of sled dogs are treated with the utmost care and exceed all local treatment and care laws(opens in a new tab) – they live for the snowy mountains! So sit back, relax, and take in the stunning mountain views and woodland scenery while you quietly drift through the soft winter snow.

Dogsledgging Diable Adventure

Enjoy sledding through the peaceful snowfields and beautiful forests

Easily accessible location, just a 5 minutes away Tremblant resort!

Enjoy this exhilarating northern adventure as you take in the scenery and the views of Mont-Tremblant. Ride on the winding trails with lots of fun ups and downs during this ultimate winter experience. A Tremblant Dogsledding adventure is unforgettable for families, couples, groups, and winter lovers! View Tour Details >

Sled Dog Welfare

We pride ourselves on sled dog welfare and it is of the utmost importance to us. The safety and wellbeing of the dogs is and always has been a priority to us on and off the trails. Our dogsledding experience is not only exciting but also informative. With a longstanding history as part of both Quebec and Canadian culture, dogsledding is part of our heritage. The dogs are a part of our family, and, if you are lucky, you may be able to visit the puppies depending on the time of year!

An Unforgettable Experience

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Who Are We?

About Tremblant Dogledding

Our Tremblant Dogsledding family is made up of passionate experienced mushers and their eager and energetic group of snow dog colleagues. Together, they can’t wait to share their love of dogsledding with you and your family. Come meet our enthusiastic 2 and 4-legged crew!


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